Property Manager Assessor

One of the most common questions asked by investors is:

t how do I find a good property manager ..? or

t how do I know if my property manager is good ..?

Unfortunately there is NO simple answer.

Even more tragic is that most investors will spend more time and energy researching

a new TV or skin care product than a property manager who will be caring for the most

expensive asset they will ever own apart from their own home.

The performance of your investment property is usually determined by the property itself.

But what if the property is not managed correctly and is not able to achieve its full


Well it will cost you in both the short and long terms from loss of potential rent and even

stunt your capital growth…costing you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars not

to mention the stress and headaches.

Too many property managers (and even investors) believe that their most important function

is to find a tenant and then just collect the rent… rather than implement solutions based

property management techniques and procedures.

So here's the GOOD NEWS. Exclusive to the stratvest system™ is the Property Manager

Assessor Tool which can help you assess how GOOD or BAD a property manager is.

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