Rentability Analyzer

iStock_000007230634XSmall-reduced.jpgThis report enables you to assess the rental potential of your property by analysing the property on both a micro and macro level.  

In 3 quick and easy steps you will be able to determine: 

 arrow-orange1.jpg   whether to hold or sell

 arrow-orange1.jpg   future potential for your property

 arrow-orange1.jpg   how well it performs as a rental investment

This report is part of the stratvest system™ and is created exclusively for the clients of Strategic Property Management.

This report takes a snap shot of specific factors which influence the capacity of your property to attract Tenants and the likelihood for rental growth. A complex formula is applied to produce the outcome based on the following factors:

¢   Rental Returns 

¢   Letting Characteristics

¢   Market Competition

¢   Local Demand & Supply

The report is also an invaluable aid to help you to compare the rentability performance of different properties. 

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