Suburb Snap Shot Report

This report has been compiled to provide a detailed overview of the characteristics of the people that reside in a range of suburbs that we service.

This report was originally developed to assist our team to better target potential renters and develop strategies that are more aligned with the specific characteristic of the individual suburbs.

property-manager-with-chartWe have made some of this information available to you so that you may be able to better understand the suburb that your investment property is located,

or to assess the rental potential of a new property that you may be considering purchasing, whether that be as an investment or to live in.

In 3 quick and easy steps you will be able to snap-shot:

v who are your potential tenants

v future potential for your property

v how well your property is performing

This report is part of the Stratvest System™ of better property management and is created exclusively for our landlord clients.

This report takes a snap shot of specific factors which influence the ability of your investment property to attract Tenants and the likelihood for rental growth.

The following information is provided:

n Rent & Sale Median Prices

n Gross Yield

n Sales Activity

n Population Demographics

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