National licensing set to become reality in 2014

Property occupations are part of the first wave of occupations to be considered for national licensing. A consultation package, including a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and draft legislation, was released in 2012 and submissions are now being considered in the finalisation of policy for a national property licence. Under the proposed national licensing arrangements, a set of nationally uniform licence categories for property occupations has been developed. The proposed licence categories that would apply are:

  • Real estate agent - Certificate IV
  • Business agent - Certificate IV
  • Strata managing agent Certificate IV
  • Auctioneer - 3 units of competency
  • Agent's representative - 5 units of competency

Current license holders will automatically be transferred to an equivalent national licence, entitling them to use the licence to work anywhere in the country without the need for further licence applications. There will be no need to undertake addition training or meet new criteria.

CPD will not be removed under the proposals. The Consultation RIS outlines a process whereby CPD is undertaken on an 'as-needs' basis rather than requiring licence holders to undertake a mandatory number of CPD hours or points each year. It makes provision for NOLA to set professional development requirements via a flexible and targeted approach that will relieve the burden of undertaking courses purely to build up required CPD hours rather than to gain essential knowledge.

A national register of occupational licences will be available on the NOLA website. It will contain data on every licensed company and every licensed individual across Australia. This will enable anyone to check if a company or individual is licensed, what work is covered by their licence, and if the licence is current.

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