Finance Strategies

Why do the rich get richer...because they have better access to finance..!

Finance is as equally important as selecting the right property. In maiStock_000009602975XSmall-reduced.jpgny cases it may be more important.   WHY..?   The amount of property you can buy is determined by the amount of finance you can borrow. So if you don't get your finance right then you may be dramatically restricting your ability to borrow more funds to create a large property portfolio.

The rich get richer because they have better access to finance..!

Have you often wondered how some investors who are younger, less experienced and earning less income  than you can afford large property portfolio’s that you can only dream about? Well it’s rather simpler than you think, they took the time and spent money and energy to get their finance strategy correct from the beginning rather than the ‘dig and fill’ approach of finding a property and then arranging the finance.   

I have spend many years working with extremely successful property entrepreneurs as an advisor, equity participant and mentor. I have taken some of the concepts and strategies that I have used and included them in an easy to read guide which is FREE.

Why have I done this? Well I hope that by using these proven techniques that you too will become a successful property investor and that you will ask Strategic Property Management to be apart of your team and to manage your properties and help you to grow your property portfolio.

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  1 - Proven ways to increase your borrowing capacity

7 smart ways to increase borrowing here


  2 - Deadly traps to watch out for

We expose the property pitfalls that agents and Lenders fail to tell you until it’s too here


  3 - Mortgage reduction strategy that really works

We provide a step by step guide on how to massively reduce your mortgage saving you years and hundreds of  thousands of here


  4 - How to avoid common mistakes made by investors

We list 18 mistakes that investors like you make and show you how to avoid here

  5 - Blue Print for a successful loan application

We reveal the secrets of how professional investors successfully achieve finance and provide a step by step guide on how you can do it here


  6 - Correctly structuring your loan

We evaluate the pros and cons of different loan structures and provide a step by step guide to creating a successful loan structure which is used by many professional investors. We also show you ways to fix a bad loan here


  7 - Selecting the right lender

We show you how to perform a due diligence on the Lender and how to assess which Lender is right for here