Finance Calculators

iStock_000007230645XSmall-reduced.jpgTo make better informed decisions you need to be able to determine the real cost of the man loan options available on the market and how they may impact on you. Thanks to our friends at MFAA we have provided links to a range of easy to use financial calculators and assessment tools which will help you to do this. Just click on the headings to gain access.


 Calculate borrowing Capacity

A simple and easy to use mortgage calculator to show you the maximum amount you could potentially borrow.

 Loan Payments

Check what your repayments on your loan would be using different loan periods and different interest rates, and compare what happens when you make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

 Stamp Duty

Check stamp duty fees and other mortgage charges.

 Complete Loan Comparison

Compare two different loans to see which loan may save you more.

 P&I / Interest Only

Calculate your monthly repayments based on an Interest Only or a Principal & Interest loan. You will also see the total cost of the loan and the total interest payable.

 Extra Repayments

Calculate how much time and interest you may save if you make extra repayments on your loan.

 How Long to Repay

If you know how much you can pay each month, calculate how long it will take you to pay off your loan and the total cost of the loan.

 Split Loan

This calculator will let you work out your repayments if you split your loan into fixed and variable amounts.

 Lump Sum Payments

Find out how a lump sum repayment can reduce your interest payments and your loan term.

 Reverse Mortgage

This calculator shows the effect on the equity in your property when making decisions about taking out a reverse mortgage.

Thanks to our friends at MFAA for providing access to the calculators. Refer to MFAA web site for details of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.