Getting Started

When you commence looking for a property it is important that you take some time to consider the type of property that want and the features that are important to you.

If you put in the effort to get it right from the start then the property that you select will bring you far more enjoyment and save you from having to move prematurely which costs money and time not to mention the stress involved.

When you have settled on the answers then you will be able to more effectively start searching for the ideal property.

Things that you will need to consider include:

r A short list of the suburbs where you want to reside

r The type of dwelling

r A realistic budget of what you can afford both now and during the period of the tenancy

r Who is going to occupy the property with you and on what terms?

r How long do you want to reside in the property?

r How many bedrooms?

r What specific requirement do you have for

t other rooms

t bathrooms

t parking

t kitchen

t laundry

r Do you require a balcony or yard?

r Do you want lifestyle amenities like pool, gym etc?

r What are the specific requirements for the location, such as public transport, shops, schools, etc?

r Is the aspect important?

r How about the age and condition of the property?

r Will the size of the development have an effect?

To assist you we have provided a detailed check list which you can print off and use as a guide. Just click here for your copy.