Paying Rent - Direct Debit Method

What form of payment do we accept

We DO NOT accept cash payment under any circumstances.

The only method of rent payment that we accept is by Direct Debit Authority. This allows us to deduct your rent electronically from your nominated bank account on the day that your rent is due.

How do you benefit

We take the hassle out of paying your rent by doing it automatically for you. So long as you have sufficient funds in your nominated bank account on the day that your rent is due we will process the rent payment which ensures that your rent is always paid on time and your maintain a perfect rental history.

Will it cost you anything

No, it's a FREE service to you.

How does it work

It's easy. All you need to do is fill out a simple form with your banking details and we'll do the rest from there. The form will be e-mailed to you prior to signing your lease agreement. You will need to complete it and then bring it with you when you sign your lease agreement. click here to view the form

What if I don't want to use direct debit

That is your prerogative but unfortunately you will not be able to apply for the property. A strict condition of renting a property from us is that you pay your rent using the direct debit method.

What about other payments like water usage etc.

We also deduct these payments using direct debit from your nominated bank account. Don't worry, in most cases you will be issued with a written invoice before the payments are deducted so that you know what to expect and have the funds available in your nominated bank account.

What if I do not have sufficient funds when you make a deduction

Unfortunately you will be charged by your financial institution a fee as well as be charged a separate dishonour fee by us. So please make sure you have sufficient funds available as we do not know at the time of generating the direct debit if you have sufficient funds available. The onus is on you to ensure that funds are in your bank account to pay the rent on the day that it is due. Keep in mind that if the rent due date falls on a non-working day (Saturday, Sunday, public holiday) then the rent will be deducted the next business day.