Urgent Repairs

All Urgent Repairs must be reported immediately to our office on (02) 9744 2229.

After hours, you should contact our office on (02) 9744 2229 where a recorded message will provide the contact details for our preferred tradespeople.

An Urgent Repair is any work needed to fix:

i)  a burst water service

ii)  an appliance, fitting or fixture that uses water or is used to supply water that is broken or not functioning properly, so that a substantial amount of water is wasted

iii)  a blocked or broken lavatory system

iv)  a serious roof leak

v)  a gas leak

vi)  a dangerous electrical fault

vii)  flooding or serious flood damage

viii)  serious storm or fire damage

ix)   a failure or broken down gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

x)   failure or broken down of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking or heating

xi)   any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure

Please note: If you do not use the above trades people then you may be liable to pay the difference in cost incurred by the tradesperson you used and the preferred trade person’s quoted price.

Also, if the repair is not an urgent repair and you have it repaired without our consent then you may be liable to pay the full cost or the difference between the cost incurred and the quoted price by the preferred tradesperson during normal working hours.



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