What is eInspectios

 eInspections is an on-line web based facility that has been developed by us to provide you with instant access to all your current and past general inspection reports.

 This facility also provides a systematic archiving system so no more filing or looking for missing reports.

Who can use it

It was developed for use by us. This web based information system is unique and exclusive to the Stratvest System™.

How do I use it

All you need is access to the internet. You can even use a mobile phone with internet access. We have prepared an easy to follow guide which will get you going in 4 easy steps.

8...Click here for the guide to getting started.

How do you benefit

The benefits are wide ranging and vary between users. Some of the many benefits include:

v Making informed decisions – having access to information at hand will enable you to make decisions based on relevant and current information.

v Staying informed – you have access 24/7 from any where in the world that has access to  the internet

v No need for filing – because the reporys are available on-line, there is no need for filing which saves you time and money.

v No more lost reports – saving you time and frustration. It also saves you the time ann energy of obtaining replacement reports.

v No need to contact the agent - and waiting for then to get back to you. You now have the information at your finger tips when you want it.

Is the information secure

Absolutely. Access is password restricted and authorised users can only be registered by Stratvest. The registered users have access only to their property information. For added security, the web site has been designed so that it does not have direct access to the property management operating server. This eliminates the risk from hackers and unauthorised intruders. 

How much does it cost

Even though it cost us thousands of dollars, it is provided FREE to our Landlords.

Helping the environment

With eInspections, by making general inspection reports available on-line, we are able to do without mailing them which saves paper and all the related energy sources and resources required to prepare and deliver the these reports.  It also means that the Landlord does not need to print a copy for their records as it is available to view online 24/7.

Staying ahead of the competition

By actively researching, developing and improving the way we do things you and your investment property will always be ahead of the competition. This provides both you and us with a competitive edge over the rest of the market.