How To Apply

Once you have decided on the rental property that meets your criteria, you will need to submit a written application.

Things you need to consider:

Be aware that the information that is provided in the application will be thoroughly checked so please be as accurate as you can.

r The applicant must be over 18 years of age

r 100 point proof of identification will be required

r Ultimately it is the landlord who has the final say after considering our recommendations

r If your application is not accepted, a reason will not be provided as to why

r If you are approved as the successful applicant then you will be required to pay a HOLDING FEE.

Things to consider regarding the HOLDING FEE:

v The Holding Fee amount is equivalent to 1 week’s rent

v The Holding Fee must be paid by EFT (the approval email will contain payment details)

v The property will only be withdrawn from the market once the Holding Fee is received

v Be aware that if you withdraw your application the Holding Fee will NOT be refunded

v We only accept rent payments by Direct Debit authority issued to our office. Click here to view a copy

Please do not proceed if you do not accept all of the above conditions.

Submit an Application:

Applications must be completed and submitted online.

start buttonTo start an online application now just click on the START icon