Sydney Property Management Specialists

Strategic Property Management Services is an innovative and unique company that specialises in providing the best innovative property management solutions across Sydney for all our property investment clients.

The Stratvest System of better property management enables our team of property managers to work smarter and because we focus exclusively on property management we are able to spend all our time and energy on the things that make your tenant happy and your investment property perform better which ultimately uncomplicates your life, well at least in respect to being an owner of an investment property.

All we do is property management and when you've been 100% focused on delivering a better property management solution for over 10 years you become extremely good at it.

That is why we can offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that you will be absolutely overwhelmed by our service and completely satisfied with our do the other property management agencies freely offer this..? I didn't think so because they would be too scared of how much money they would end up refunding each month to disgruntled landlords.  

Whether you're a new property investor looking for a property manager that ticks all the right boxes, or an existing property owner whose finally had enough with their real estate agent and wants a property manager that will deliver on their promises, or a home owner looking for a property management team to take care of their  precious home for a few years or just want some FREE advice then please drop us an e-mail or give us a call to find out how we can help make being a landlord a stress free and enjoyable experience...

...better still, why not view our SPECIAL OFFER which will help you determine within 2 minutes whether we're the right property management team for you.