About Us

A few words about Us

Strategic Property Management Services is an innovative and unique company that specialises in providing the best property management solutions for all our Landlord clients.

Our objective

Has been and will always be to provide a property management service that is specifically designed to satisfy the individual needs of our Landlord clients and to evolve in line with the ever changing needs of the market, the investment properties and our Landlord clients.

We do not sell property

We are proud to say that all we do is manage residential properties and we do it extremely well. We solely focus 100% of our energy and resources into our core business of property management.

Where it began

The founder and Principal, Ricardo Saad identified a need in the property industry for a specialist management firm that offers genuine solutions and dynamic strategies. So he spent more than 10 years developing the Stratvest System of property management.   

He then took it a step further and selected, educated and up skilled a highly professional team that would correctly implement the Stratvest Systemand provide our Landlord clients such as yourself with a complete property management solution that GUARANTEES to deliver or your money back.