Maintenance Request

This request form should be used for any maintenance/repair work that needs attention on your rental property. Urgent repairs should be attended to as per the conditions outlined in your rental agreement or by contacting your agent directly.

What is considered Urgent Repairs?
Personal Details
Yes No
Where is the maintenance required?
What is it that needs maintenance or repair?
Please provide as much detail as possible and be sure to note the date/time that you first noticed that this maintenance was required. You are also able to upload digital photos of the necessary maintenance using the attachment fields below.

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Property Access
I hereby authorize the agent, its employees and contractors to access the above property to investigate and if applicable, carry out the repairs at the above property.

I do not authorize the agent, its employees or contractors to access the above property and I undertake to personally provide access to the property at a time to be advised by the contractors.

I freely acknowledge that if I make such arrangements and then fail to provide access to the property, I will be personally liable for any callout charges incurred by the agent from contractors for the callout.

I acknowledge that if the maintenance/repair is found to be the cause or responsibility of the tenant or it is found not to require maintenance/repair, I will be responsible for the associated costs.

I acknowledge that my contact information may be provided to either the contractors engaged by the agent listed above or the owner of the property to facilitate contact in order to carry out the repairs.

Please note: All requests are subject to landlord approval and general maintenance is subject to tradesmen availability.