iStock_000004727223XSmall-reduced.jpgIt is important that the property be maintained to ensure maximum enjoyment of the property and all the benefits that it has to offer. But this will only happen if the property is properly maintained.

It is the responsibility of the Tenant to maintain and look after the property whilst it is the Owners responsibility to ensure that necessary repairs are undertaken.

If the property is not properly maintained then the Tenant may be liable for the cost of the subsequent repairs.

Here are some simple maintenance tasks which will help you to maintain the property. These tasks are reviewed by the property manager during their regular inspections.  

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q       Regularly clear the filter and remove any remaining food scraps or residue.

Important Fact: Blocked filters can cause significant damage to the appliance and the Tenant may be responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

NB: If you have a Fisher&Paykel Dishwasher it is recommended by them that you use “FINISH” detergent. If you want more information feel free to call F&P on 1300 650 590


q       You should regularly clean the lint filter.

Did you know that a build up of lint could cause the dryer to malfunction? If this occurs you will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Important Fact: Build up of lint can cause fires! To prevent this ensure you clean out the lint filter every time you use it.


 iStock_000004723597XSmall-reduced.jpgSMOKE ALARM

q       You should check the battery to ensured that it is working.

Important Fact: Most deaths from household fires could have been avoided if the house had properly operating smoke alarms.

It is an offence to cover the Smoke Alarm or remove the battery to prevent it from working properly.  



q       The stove and oven should be wiped down after each use. This is one way to prevent the build up of grease, which if not removed can lead to the deterioration of the appliance.

Important Fact: Replacement or repair of the appliance may be at your cost as grease build up cannot always be removed.



q       It is important to regularly clean the exhaust fans in bathroom, laundry and kitchen to ensure grease, dirt, dust and mould are removed. This is often overlooked by Tenants.


Important Fact: Blocked vents reduce air circulation and ventilation which may result in foul odours and mould build up which are difficult and costly to remove.



q       To avoid permanent staining, we recommend that carpets are steam cleaned every 6-12 months.

Important Fact: It is prudent to have a stain remover handy so that when accidents occur they can be removed immediately which prevents staining and costly rectification works later.



q       Marks from walls and kitchen cupboards should be removed when they occur to avoid permanent marking.

Important Fact: It is much easier to remove fresh marks and grime when they occur. 



q       Mould and mildew is a health hazard and can cause permanent staining. To avoid this we recommend that you regularly clean it before it builds up and becomes a problem which may be expensive to repair later. 

Important Fact: Good ventilation helps to minimise mould.



q       Clean windows inside and out regularly and open windows in all rooms for at least one hour per day to increase ventilation and decrease mould build up.

Important Fact: It is much easier to prevent then it is to remove mould and dampness after it has been established.


q       Keep lawn and garden maintained at all times (if applicable)

Important Note: The Tenant may be liable for the rectification of gardens and landscaping if they are neglected and/or damaged. It is prudent to report any issues when they arise before it is too late.


q       Keep clean and remove any oil spills A.S.A.P to avoid staining (if applicable) and do not store flammable items or items of value.

Important Fact: Storage of flammable items is an offence in most cases and the Tenant may be liable for any subsequent damaged caused as a result.