The Stratvest Advantage

The Stratvest System was developed specifically for the astute property investor who is serious about achieving:

i)   maximum rental income

ii)  optimal capital growth

iii) stringent property maintence, and

iv)  minimum stress 

The Stratvest System is more than just an idea or a concept, it is a detailed property management philosophy and procedure that is implemented in the every day operation of our property management business.

Property management specialists

All we do is property management and when you're 100% focused on delivering a better property management solution for over 10 years you become extremely good at it.


Better solutions

There are 6 key features that give our management team an advantage over other property managers: 

i)      systemised procedures

Ensuring the best results are achieved for you and your property at all times...Unlike most property management agencies, we have a proven system of procedures, tool and strategies which gives us the edge over other property managers and gives you and your property better results. You can be assured that your property management team are following systematic and proven procedures to ensure that your property is being managed correctly. The founder Ricardo Saad personally overseas and ensures compliance.

ii)     complete transparency

You know exactly what's going on at all times...When you are doing things right and delivering on your promises you do not have anything to hide. That is why we have provided our owners with the ability to review their financial information and all their property management information online. This provides complete transparency and keeps you, the owner better informed.

iii)    sophisticated reporting system

Information at your finger tips...To help our owners make better informed decisions and to stay up to date with their financial status and administrative needs, we provide all our owners with direct online web access to all their records, statements, invoices and reports when they need it and from anywhere in the world.

iv)    internet archiving system

Taking the hassal out of administration...We understand the hassles and wasted time spent on filing all your property management records. That is why we have gone to the effort of providing our owners with a web based online archiving system that stores all your statements, invoices and general inspections. These can be access at any time and from anywhere.

v)    interactive tools & reports

Helping our owners stay ahead of the market and make better informed decisions...We provide our owners with interacticve tools and reports that will help them to better understand the property market, assist with better property selection when looking to buy another investment property, help to more accurately forecast rental trends and much more.

vi)    a management package designed for your specific needs

Get what you really need & not what the agent wants you to have... The needs of property investors is not all the same. That is why we take the time to assess your needs and design a property management package that is right for you and your property. We also don't charge you for services that you do not require. So whether you're a log term property investor or someone looking to rent out their home whilst they are working interstate or overseas, we are able to create a property management package that caters to your needs and budget. 

Our promise

You will receive the very best available solutions for all your property management needs because we can deliver:

n better rent 

n better tenants 

n better service 

n better growth

n better results

…and better PEACE of MIND knowing that your valuable property is being looked after correctly.

Your guarantee

Make the right decision today and appoint us to manage your new or existing investment property and we guarantee to deliver on our promise or we will give you your money back.* 

What other property manager is prepared to put their money where their mouth is..?

 * - terms and conditions apply. Refer stratvest system guarantee document for details