Sydney Property Manager

We are an innovative and unique company that specialises in providing the best property management solutions for all our Sydney Landlord clients.

Strategic Property Management Services offers more than local property management real estate services which is what most traditional real estate agents provide. For over 10 years we have focused all our resources on delivering a holistic property management solution to investment property owners, home owners and rental tenants. Our rapid growth of new landlord clients, the  long term retention of property investors and praising reviews from our loyal clients is testament to our property management success across Sydney.

All we do is property management and when you're 100% focused on delivering a better property management solution we can be confident of offering a MONEY BACK SERVICE GUARANTEE...does your current real estate agent freely offer this? I didn't think so because they'd loose too much money if they did.

Don’t you deserve the expertise of a specialist property manager to look after your investment property?

To find out whether we're the right property manager for you, view our SPECIAL OFFER and answer the 10 simple questions. It will take you only a few minutes and the results will definitely surprise you.

Being a landlord should be simple, that is if you have the right property manager…You buy the property then sit back and watch the value grow…Your property manager should take care of everything else from arranging a tax depreciation report to a detailed maintenance program to ensure the property attracts the best tenants, achieves the maximum rent and strong capital growth.

Well that’s the type of property manager you’re guaranteed to get when you appoint Strategic Property Management Services to look after your valuable real estate.

The fact that you are reading this page means that you are probably:

- unhappy with your current property manager, or

- looking for a property manager to look after a newly acquired investment property, or

- you are moving out of your family home and need to rent it out for a while

Let's face it, not all property managers are the same. A good one can make you money and make life easy for you but a bad one can cause you incredible stress and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent and poor capital growth.

Why not let us show you how we can make a difference...don't you deserve to do well and have peace of mind..?

Please give me, Ricardo Saad a call on 02 9744 2229 or drop me an e-mail, I look forward to hearing from you to talk about how life as a landlord should be an enjoyable and profitable experience and how you should be happy to brag about your property manager around the BBQ.

Even if you just want some free advise I am only too happy to assist.