Greater Asset Protection

Getting it right from the start..!

The upkeep of your investment property is vital to ensure:

  n  long term tenancy,

  n  strong rent returns and

  n  maximum capital growth

The Stratvest System™ ensures that your investment is correctly maintained by implementing processes and procedures which includes:

     v Property inspections every 3 or 6 months

     v Stringent tenant assessment criteria to select quality tenants

     v ‘Tenancy Protection Plan’ to ensure tenants care for your property

     v ‘Fast Track Repairs’ system to ensure quick response time for repairs & maintenance

     v All inspections are accompanied by a team member. Keys are never given out under any circumstance.

     v Automated repair tracking system so nothing gets lost or forgotten

     v Confirmation of repairs to ensure completeness before payment is made

     v Landlord can choose to be consulted before works are undertaken

     v All trades people are totally independent and NO KICK BACKS are received

     v All trades people are:

                 w Qualified

                 w Licensed

                 w Insured

                 w Independent

                 w Reliable

                 w Price Competitive

                 w Tried & tested

                 w Prepared to guarantee their work