Financial Security

Proactive not reactive..!

The Stratvest System™ is instrumental in ensuring:

      n your money is disbursed in a timely manner.

      n you achieve consistent rent increases, and

      n the rent is paid on time,

      n  your tenants stay longer,

This is achieved by implementing processes that include:

      v    Maintaining your property to high standards to ensure tenant satisfaction

      v    Detailed inspections every 3 or 6 months and any issues identified and addressed before becoming problems

      v    Automated ‘Rent Review Tracking’ system that issues rent reviews in a timely manne

      v   Tenant can pay their rent from any where in the world by internet or telephone banking 

      v    Stringent pro-active rather then reactive procedures to ensure rent is paid on time

      v    Rent moneys disbursed fortnightly by EFT for convenience and security

      v    Quality tenants are assessed using a stringent assessment process which includes:

               w   100 point ID check

               w   Use of 2 separate Tenant Reference data bases

               w   Income & savings verification

               w   Rental History assessment

               w  You have the final say