Advanced IT Implementation

YOU benefit from the latest technology..!

The Stratvest System™ incorporates the latest and most up to date technology available. Further more if it can not be bought off the shelf then we will have it specifically designed and implemented.

v estratvest - Online access by landlords and tenants to their records so you know 24/7 from any where in the world the financial status of your property account and your Tenant account. Access to information when it suites you and not when it fits in with the property managers schedule.

v web based interactive tools such as:

w Rental Hot Spots Report (click here for more info…)

w Rent Analysis Report (click here for more info…)

w Property Manager Assessment (click for more info…)

w Market Assessment Report (click for more info…)

v Landlord Statements are e-mailed as soon as the month end is processed so no more waiting for 'snail mail'

v Rent money is disbursed to you by EFT twice monthly which means you get more of it more often.