Personalised Service

One point of contact..!

As a landlord you get to choose what level of service, involvement and correspondence you require rather than be dictated to by the agent.

Every property has a team of individual specialists looking after the specific needs of your property which minimise any inconveneience if one of the team memebers are away. Unlike traditional property managers who usually have an individual person looking after you and your property which may seem like a good idea because you only have to deal with the one person but if they are sick, go on holidays, leave the company or are neglegent in their duties then the consequences will be terrible.

To ensure that the senior people you are dealing with today will also be here in years to come the Stratvest System™ requires that all team members have a vested interest in the company. So you can rest assured that these team members will service you like an owner of the company.

To ensure consistency in the event a team member is away sick or on leave, we conduct a team forum daily where any issues, items of interest or open matters are discussed so that all team members are kept up to date and able to deal with these matters so that you and your property are not inconvenienced.