Rent Appraisal

When was the last time your investment property received a rent increase?

v Are you missing out on Thousands of $$$'s in higher rent..? or

v Did you lose a tenant following a recent rent increase imposed by your property manager?

v Was the rent increase excessive and above the market..? or

v Are you looking to buy an investment property and need a real rental estimate?

v Is the selling agent over estimating..?  

You can now find out what rent you should be getting for your investment property quickly and easily.

Simply Click Here and enter your property details and we’ll e-mail you a FREE comprehensive Rent Appraisal Report

which details what your property SHOULD rent for plus a list of what other similar properties are renting for including

the date these properties where available for rent with photos and descriptions of these properties.

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You will also receive a second report, the Suburb Snap-Shot Report which is filled with important information about

the suburb to help you make better informed decisions. Information such as the medium rents and sale prices for the area,

the vacancy rate, plus demographic information that is vital in determining the likely characteristics of the renters that

make up that market.  

To view a sample of the Suburb Snap-Shot Report  Click Here


Simply Click Here and enter your property details and we’ll e-mail you a FREE comprehensive

n Rent Appraisal Report,  PLUS 

n Suburb Snap-Shot Report

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