Testimonial-Matthew Bates

Having worked in property management for a few months straight out of high school, I saw firsthand how low the industry standards are. The owner/manager I worked with at the time openly admitted to his staff that he hated property management, and only provided the service for the potential sales commissions it offered.

My experience as a property investor only reaffirmed these prior these lessons. The previous real estate team I entrusted the management of my property with provided an equally poor service. The previous tenants were in the unit for 3 years before leaving of their own accord. It was only upon their departure that the state they had been living had been revealed. The unit was infested with german cockroaches. The kitchen bench was superficially damaged (beyond normal wear and tear). The kitchen ceiling had a long term leak from upstairs that had gone unreported, and needed urgent repairing. The kitchen floor vinyl was ruined. The tenants were living in filth, and according to the local residents, they were friends/acquaintances of the lease holders for the last 18 months, not the lease holders themselves. The list goes of issues goes on...

Add to this the lack of urgency of the previous property management team in getting these issues resolved and the inflated costs of their tradesman. I was receiving a very poor service and experience all around. But again, sadly, I knew this was the industry standard.

That's why I decided to take the time to find a property management team that raises bar. I wanted to find a team that took a proactive and comprehensive approach to the property management process in all respects, instead of just signing leases and collecting the rent. I wanted to find a property management business that focused solely on property management, and therefore depended upon it for their success, instead of merely seeing it as a byproduct for their sales department.

This search led me to Ricardo J. Saad of Strategic Property Management Services. After carefully reading the content outlined on their website and personally discussing my previous issues with Ricardo and what I was looking for, I decided to take the leap! Ricardo promised to not only meet my expectations, but exceed them.

Within the first week of having my investment property in the hands of SPMS, a suitable tenant was found.  I was advised on what actions needed to be done in order to get the issues with my unit resolved, at costs that were much more reasonable. I can honestly say, thus far I am impressed with their service and trust I've made the right decision, which does give me greater peace of mind.

If you have made the mistakes I've made or you are looking to avoid them, it's essential to have a professional and capable property management team you can trust to take care of your investment/s. One team you can trust and count on is Strategic Property Management Services.

Warm Regards,

 Matthew Bates

Property Investor