Our Service Guarantee

Ricardo_saad_cartoon_photoHi, my name is Ricardo Saad and I'm the managing director and founder of Strategic Property management Services, and over the past 10 years I’ve helped manage thousands of homes for investment property owners all over Sydney. And I’ve been shocked by the sort of sloppy service going on in the real estate industry today. It’s simply unacceptable... and it makes me sick to my stomach. Unfortunately most property owners treat their property managers like they do big Banks, not happy with the service and feel that they're being taken for a ride but do nothing about it...better the devil that you know..! Often it is because Landlords do not know there is a better alternative.

Worse still, you may be new to being a landlord and don't know or understand the fundamentals of property management. This makes it very difficult to distinguish between a sales pitch and the truth when trying to select a property manager who will genuinely look after you and your valuable property.

"I take the management of your property very seriously...

and strive to make your experience fun and stress free... and not a dreaded chore..!"

It's good and well for us to claim that we can do all sorts of things better, but how can you be sure if we can deliver on what we promise..?

We'll that's where our unique service guarantee comes in.

We are serious about our commitment to provide the best property management service to Sydney property owners. To make sure this commitment is not just lip service, we offer the following service guarantee to all of our owners as a measure of accountability.


After all, in my opinion, if we don't deliver on what we promise then we should be penalised. We are asking you to trust us and take our word that we will deliver a superior property management service that is tailored to your individual needs. So for entrusting us with your valuable asset I am happy to return that trust in the form of the guarantee so that you know that we will be financially penalised if we don't do the right thing by you and your property.

We can't be fairer than that..!

If a respectable car dealer who was selling you a second hand car guaranteed to repair your car every time it broke down for the life of the car, would that be a fair deal..?

Or, if a solicitor guaranteed to refund the fees if you did not get the results they where promising, would that be a fair deal..?

We'll that's the type of guarantee that I am offering to approved Landlords that choose to be our clients.

We promise to deliver ...

8   Greater Asset Protection

8   Financial Security

8   Stringent Tenancy Control

8 Minimum Vacancy

8 No Hassles

8 Skillful Representation

8 Advance IT Implementation

8 Personalised Service

8 Dynamic Solutions



Terms and conditions apply. Why? Experience has shown that there are some people that can't resist exploiting another persons generosity.